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I'm Erika, a seeker of the unfamiliar and extraordinary, a life-long learner, and a lover of warm beverages and books.

If I could have a beer with anyone in the world, it would be Anthony Bourdain (RIP). 

My life has been quite an adventure so far. At sixteen, I spent three weeks in Europe with American Music Abroad and haven't stopped moving since. I attended Temple University in Philadelphia, where I had the pleasure of studying abroad in Rome, Italy and where I lead spring break trips to rural Haiti as the President of Project Haiti. In 2015, I moved to Scotland to obtain my Masters in Human Rights and International Politics. In a little over a year, I traveled to 15 countries, and went to Africa for the first time to do humanitarian work in Rwanda. I believe travel, and using travel to create a global network of good, is vital in our world. I currently work as an International Student Coordinator and Professor of The Political Mind at Harrisburg University.

Throughout my personal, professional, academic and travel experiences, I have worked towards understanding human rights and effective altruism (doing more good than harm when volunteering or donating), immersed myself in the cultures of 26 countries, and have encountered many of the possible joys and pitfalls of travel. erikafirestone.com simply seeks to turn that insight into education, action and discussion.

For travel or charity advice, itineraries, sponsorships, or just a wee chat, 

Contact: me@erikafirestone.com


About Me

Relentlessly curious traveler, learner, reader, writer, in constant search of the next grand (or tiny) adventure. 


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